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Our Ethos, Values & Aims

We have a values based ethos, based on the following values:

    • Learning is of great importance and is to be taken very seriously;
    • We respect one another and our environment;
    • Everyone must take full responsibility for their own actions and behaviour;
    • Everyone makes mistakes and we support them when they do; learning mistakes are valuable!
    • Childhood is a precious time and we will respect you, value you, nurture you and care for you;
    • Community is very important to us, within the school and in the wider world;
    • As far as possible, everyone should be involved in decisions;
    • We ensure that the best people are working on the job;
    • We embrace change;
    • We are intolerant of intolerance and value differences.

Our Aims
We are committed to ensuring that our pupils achieve the highest standards of which they are capable in a stimulating environment which excites their interest, encourages an ethos of learning and enables us always to improve on our previous best achievements.  We aim:
  • to raise standards for all, closing any gaps between groups of pupils;
  • to ensure that all children develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens;
  • to safeguard all members of our school community;
  • to give children and their families a strong sense of community and enjoyment of school life.

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